I love to cover my canvas with a profusion of colours in their dream-like imageries
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I like both oil paintings and Chinese paintings. In oil painting I like the richness of its colours. I love to cover my canvas with a profusion of colours in their dream-like imageries. I am often inspired by nature, like Renoir I believe that a painting should be beautiful. Most of my paintings are conceptual realistic in style, that is to say my paintings appear very realistic but there are always some imaginative elements in the composition of my works. I think I would rather call this Conceptual Romanticism. My paintings are integrations of the real and the imaginative.
My abstracts ususally have subject matters, that is to say I am usually inspired by some particular objects around me which may be a scenery,or an object. I have chosen to express these objects by breaking them up into lines and forms and then re-arrange them into compositions of colours.
I like to paint animals, especially cats, I am fascinated by the different postures of cats, and I enjoy imagining all kinds of stories around my cats. In my animal world, passions, desires are just innocent natural inclinations, I see them with humour.
I like to experiment with the ink and watercolor media on Chinese paper, which is a very thin paper, sometimes I even apply watercolors and mineral colors to silk mounted on Chinese paper. I pain my fantasy animals with oil too.

My name is Zhenlian ,I am an artist from China. I was graduated from Teachers Training College in Hong Kong as a qualified art teacher. I had worked as art teacher in both Primary and Secondary schools in China.
I have retired from my work since 2002, since then I have devoted myself to painting. I like to experiment with new medias which I have not had much experience before, such as acrylic and Chinese paintings.I am fired with inspiration in whatever I paint, in fact, I am more inspired now than when I was young.

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