Richard Laws
the canvas/digital mix goes back into creating a new canvas
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United Kingdom (Angleterre) 

My name is Ian Richard Laws.
I am an Artist who works in the traditional medium of Acrylic on Canvas but also in the Digital area.
Much of my work is a merging of the two.
I will photograph my finished canvas then upload it so that i can use it as part of a digital piece,it is still used as a focal point,i enjoy merging the two as it helps me to see the possibilities that are possible with my canvas and i end up with a digital work as well as the canvas.
It often happens that the end result of the canvas/digital mix goes back into creating a new canvas.
Much of my work focuses on Obssessive Compulsive Disorder,panic problems and living with chronic pain.
I have always hoped to bring forward visually what it is like to experience being marginalised and left outside of the accepted "Normality"through my work.
If anyone wants to ask me more i am always happy to answer in more depth.
I live in Western New York with my wife Melissa,we are only a short drive from Canada and it is nothing like New York City itself.
We are in a village where farming is the main occupation.
I lived most of my life in Australia until i married Melissa who comes from here,i was born in England.
I attended The Australian National University of Visual Arts and i was in the Textile and Paint workshops.

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